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More About T4


What elements are included in the T4 program?

  • Access to the T4 secure digital library which contains over 300 videos from over 40 Benedictine presenters - see below for more information.

  • Access to biographies of each presenter, including titles and descriptions to all presentations s/he has in the T4 library.

  • Access to handouts for presentations, and any other support documents provided by the presenters. These can be printed out or saved electronically and used for classes or formation days.

  • Access to a full list of all presentations in the T4 library with clickable links that will take you directly to the biographies, videos, and handouts.

  • Access to T4 specific instructional materials including a T4 Technology Handbook and homemade videos showing how to use various parts of T4.

  • Opportunity for Initial Formation members and Initial Formation Directors to participate in T4 Relationship Building groups using a video conferencing program called Zoom. These groups are organized by T4 volunteer committee members and run by T4 volunteer moderators. (See T4 Rules & Regulations on the membership form)

  • Access to T4-specific technical support (must be English-speaking).

  • Access to a shared Dropbox folder with all the resources you need to use the T4 program. NOTE: You do NOT need a Dropbox account to use this resource.

  • Video editing for [approved] presentations that your members might choose to donate to the T4 library.

  • A 1-2 day in-person T4 orientation and training in English (added expense – travel costs plus a stipend).



What Videos are Available?

When inquiring into the T4 program, many communites ask, "What types of presentations are available in the T4 Video Library?"

Once you join T4, you will have access to a FULL list of the presentations with direct links to the videos, handouts, biographies of presenters and more. To wet your appatite, here is a simple list of the presenters and the presentations which are availble in the library. Note, this will change periodically as videos are added!

Simple Presentation List


Film roll

A Small Sampling of T4 Presenters


Gregory P


Abbot Primate Gregory Polan

Former Abbot of his monastery, Conception Abbey in Conception, Missouri, Abbot Primate Gregory  was elected Abbot Primate in 2016. He is the head of 7,000 Benedictine monks from around the world. Abbot Primate Gregory has donated two seminary classes to the T4 Library.  These two classes, one on theology and the other the Old Testament, include a total of 36 seminary level classes.


Karen J


Sister Karen Joseph

Sister Karen Joseph is a member of the Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, Indiana. Sister Karen has served in various leadership roles throughout her monastic life, has been involved in committees on the international level within the Benedictine Order and has given retreats and workshops in Benedictine spirituality to Benedictines throughout North America and internationally. Sister Karen has contributed three of her best known presentations to the T4 Library.


Joan C


Sister Joan Chittister

Sister Joan is one of the most articulate social analysts and influential religious leaders of our age. Courageous, passionate and charged with energy, she is a much-sought after speaker, counselor and clear voice across all religions. A Benedictine Sister of Erie, PA, Sister Joan is an international lecturer and award-winning author. Sister Joan has generously donated eight classes consisting of over 50 separate videos to the T4 Library.


Jerome K


Fr. Matthias Neuman

Fr. Matthias is a monk of St. Meinrad Archabbey. He was ordained in 1967 and received his Doctorate in Systematic Theology from San Anselmo Pontifical University in Rome in 1975. He taught theology classes for over thirty years at St. Meinrad seminary.  Fr. Matthias has recorded four full classes for T4, including two classes on Vatican II, a 24-serious class on Monastery History, and seven classes on the Eccuminical Councils.

T4 Testimonials

Agnes R

Sister Agnes Reichlin

Monastery of St. Gertrude

Cottonwood, Idaho

"The resources available through the T4 program are amazing and offer almost unlimited opportunities for learning and sharing in the learning process.  One of the richest benefits is bringing members of different communities, federations and localities together in conversation and sharing without traveling.  Even though the technology was a challenge for me, the experience was beneficial."

Eileen B

Sister Eileen Brick

Mother of God Monastery

Watertown, South Dakota

"It was extremely helpful for me to have Sr. Michelle come to my monastery and work specifically with me and getting us set up with the program. As a new Zoom user, I was not sure I would be able to use that technology. Sr. Michelle was very patient as she explained the program and prepared the technology with me. Most of the home community attended the presentation Sr. Michelle gave about the T4 program and really appreciated learning about it. Now when I speak about it in conversation with the sisters they seem very interested and supportive. I am facilitating a group of postulants & novices and am part of a stable group of formators. I have used some of the videos in classes with our temporary professed sister. I have also previewed a number of the videos and do believe they can be helpful with both initial and ongoing formation."

Louise L

Sister Louise Laroche

Monastery Immaculate Conception

Ferdinand, Indiana

T4 has been a blessing to me both personally and as a formator. It has connected me with other formators who have been so willing to share their expertise and experience with me. It has also provided me with top-notch presenters and topics on the Benedictine way of life that has enriched me and those in initial formation. Thank you to all who have given much time and energy to this project.

Ann Louise

Sister Anne Louise Frederick

Our Lady of Grace Monastery

Beech Grove, Indiana

The T4 program offers both the resources to aid education in formation and opportunities for new members to connect through on-line discussions. I witnessed the connections made through the program when novices from across the country greeted each other enthusiastically as they met for the first time in person at an annual Novice and Director’s Institute. These relationships among new members are be a big support especially to smaller monasteries and it laid a good foundation for the time shared at the Institute. I am grateful to the GHR Foundation for making these experiences possible for Benedictine communities.



Abbess Hilda Scott

Jamberoo Abbey

Jamberoo, Australia

"For us enclosed Benedictine nuns in Australia the T4 Resources have been invaluable. They have not only put us into contact with the wider Benedictine world, but have provided us with quality monastic and formative material that would otherwise be unavailable to us. T4 is now an integral part of our formation program and we are very grateful to whoever put this all together."



Fr. John Moeska

Saint John’s Abbey

Collegeville, Minnesota

"I had a goal to digitally archive the best of our teachers in the formation program at St. John’s, and was delighted to discover that our Benedictine sisters were already doing the same thing through the Timeless Traditions, Technological Times T4 program.  St. John’s is happy to collaborate with T4 by contributing to the digital library.  But most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to share the wisdom of other monastics as part of our initial and ongoing formation programming.  T4 is a good investment!"


Sister Priscilla Cohen

Sacred Heart Monastery

Cullman, Alabama

"The excellent presentations available in the T4 program are so enriching for all levels of formation. Our community will be viewing and reflecting on a presentation by Sister Genevieve Glenn for one of our Lenten Reflection Days. As Oblate Director for our community, I am so grateful that there is now a video library available for Oblate viewing. Thanks to Sister Michelle and all those who have made this program possible. What a blessed gift!"