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The Federations of Saint Gertrude, Saint Scholastica, Saint Benedict, and the Congregations of Perpetual Adoration and Missionary Benedictine Sisters have worked collaboratively for the past 75 years. For the past 25 years, we have been in partnership through the Conference of Benedictine Prioresses (CBP) and the American Benedictine Formation Conference (ABFC). All Federations and Congregations are represented in the membership of the Project Core Team or Sub-Committees.

One, to gather the wisdom of our Benedictine sisters and, through the use of technology, to make this information available to formation programs in all our monasteries.


Two, to use technology to allow newer members to get to know one another, build lasting relationships, discuss topics of interest, and share experiences.

Background Purpose About T4

The Wisdom Connections T4 program was created to enhance education, formation, and communication of newer members of Benedictine monasteries through use of web-based technology. This project provides means for formation directors, postulants, novices and recently perpetually professed sisters to have access to the wisdom and scholarship of Benedictine women and men from around the world. It also enables the development of strong supportive relationships of the newer members with one another, regardless of their physical distance from one another.

Vision Statement

As a collaborative of Benedictine monasteries, we stand together in this moment of time, recognizing the importance of preparing our next generation of leaders and members and safeguarding our legacy of Benedictine Greats. Together we form and educate newer members through technological resources in order to foster vibrant relationships among sisters that will sustain and give life to their common monastic journey.  In turn, the Benedictine way of life is strengthened and its heritage preserved as monasteries embrace the changes and opportunities of living and ministering in a global and technological driven society. Monasteries will discover new ways of being in collaborative relationships in order to transmit the Benedictine mission, vision and core values to the world.  In doing so, Benedictine sisters across the United States and ultimately the world will build meaningful relationships and will share effective teaching techniques to advance our mission “to proclaim the good news . . .” directing our entire lives toward the oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent. Saints Benedict and Scholastica will look over our world and see points of light everywhere.

Year 1

Ten pilot communities were chosen based on the number of members in the community, having persons in initial formation, and their Federation / Congregation, etc. The ten communities are: Atchison, Beech Grove, Bristow, Bismarck, Clyde, Ferdinand, Lacey, Liberty, Norfolk, and St. Ben’s.


This is a sampling of the happenings in year one:

¨ Communities were asked to complete a technology assessment.

¨ In person and long distance training was provided.

¨ Communication with prioresses and formation personnel.

¨ Identified and engaged presenters.

¨ Made presentations available online in T4 secure digital library.

¨ Coordinated relationship-building among women in initial formation.

¨ Surveyed year one precipitants regarding their overall experience of T4.

Year 2 

Using the same criteria as above, ten more communities were chosen for year two. Those ten communities are: Baltimore, Colorado Springs, Cottonwood, Duluth, Elizabeth, Erie, Fort Smith, Rapid City, St. Leo, Yankton.


This is a sampling of what will happen in year two:

¨ Repeat and advance the successes of year one, based on year one survey.

¨ Engage and video tape at least ten more presenters.

¨ Create a T4 web page with resources and training materials.

¨ Create a T4 technology handbook.

¨ Switch relationship-building groups and add members in initial formation from10 new monasteries.

¨ Communicate with and create relationship-building groups of sisters who have been perpetually professed ten years or less.

¨ Make plans and market the Symposium which will be in year 3 (July 20-23, 2017).

¨ Survey year two and year one participants regarding their overall experience of T4.

Year 3

Using the same criteria as above, ten more communities will be chosen for year three. If are or you know of a community that has expressed interest in participating, please contact Sister Mary Catherine Holicky.


This is a sampling of what will happen in year three:

¨ Repeat and advance the successes of year one and two, based on past surveys.

¨ Engage and video tape at least ten more presenters.

¨ Switch relationship-building groups and add members in initial formation from 10 new monasteries and sisters perpetually professed ten years and less.

¨ T4 Symposium will take place July 20-23, 2017 in St. Leo, Florida. This will be a mostly grant-funded face-to-face gathering of all T4 participants who are able to come. It will be a chance to share experiences of the T4 program and offer suggestions for the future of T4.

¨ There will be a comprehensive review of the whole T4 program, 2014-2017.


1. Design and Implement web-based formation program for new Benedictine sisters.

2. Utilize web-based technology to preserve and disseminate the wisdom of Benedictine scholars.

3. Establish plan for using technology to build strong on-going relationships among newer members in formative years which will support them throughout their religious lives.

4. Hold a symposium for the members participating in the program.

5. Adapt this model for other uses by monasteries and for sharing with other religious communities.

Map of T4 Monasteries